How The Yes Was Won

Launching May 25th - preview

May 18, 2021 Aisling Dolan, Deirdre Kelly, Emma Callaghan, Tara Lonij, Davy Quinlivan Season 1
How The Yes Was Won
Launching May 25th - preview
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One week to go! We are so excited!

Starting on May 25th with new episodes Tuesdays and Fridays for five weeks.

A podcast about the 8th Amendment. 

A 10-part podcast series about the history of reproductive rights in Ireland with interviews with those who fought for them, from the 1970s to the present day.  

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So it just felt really oppressive walking around Dublin seeing all these anti-abortion posters, when you couldn't have one if your life depended on it, literally.

It should have taken the death of a woman to show parliamentarians that risk to life meant risk of death.

We knew the fact that the state had been forced to do this meant something, but the same time you can felt jeez can you not just do it properly, can they not just draft a law that isn't going to be so cumbersome and so onerous for women to navigate.

We knew a referendum was on the way after the Marriage Referendum, we know that it was the next thing that had to be changed.

Right from the beginning there was the whole "Oh three co-directors, it's a bit odd, it'll never work" which is just code for "three women can't run a campaign".


and I just heard someone, like one of our pals be like "oh shit MERJ in the house!"

We had a plan for social media if it went No. We had a plan for if it went scrappy, down to the wire. And we had absolutely no plan for a landslide.

For me the lowlight, of course, is being completely left out of the entire campaign.

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