How The Yes Was Won

Launching May 25th

May 07, 2021 Aisling Dolan, Deirdre Kelly, Emma Callaghan, Tara Lonij, Davy Quinlivan Season 1
How The Yes Was Won
Launching May 25th
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A podcast about the 8th Amendment. 

A 10-part podcast series about the history of reproductive rights in Ireland with interviews with those who fought for them, from the 1970s to the present day.  Episodes on Tuesday and Fridays, coming May 25th!

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[Woman 1]: The most draconian interpretation of what the Amendment might mean was the one that was taken in terms of legislation.

[Man 1]: There were obviously people going on the boat to England, we would hear about it and know about it, but very much hush-hush. 

[Man 2]: We said women will die, that was our last leaflet we put out, clearly says women will die, and they did.

[Tara]: In 1983 Ireland introduced a constitutional ban on abortion, the 8th Amendment. This piece of legislation of one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the world.

[Aisling]: 35 years later, we voted Yes to Repeal it. This is the story of how the YES was won.

[Man 1]: People would tear up the leaflets and throw them in your face, condemn you,
you'd a cheek to be knocking on their door with such filth.

[Man 2]: People weren't sure what the right thing to do was and therefore half the people didn't vote.

[Woman 2]: It was when people began to say "I'm not in favour of abortion, except..."
 and that was the beginning.

[Woman 1]: The move away from that very abstract kind of notion to a much more realistic and respectful understanding of women's lives and women's experiences, and woman's dilemmas. I thought it was magnificent, absolutely magnificent.

[Tara]: I'm Tara,

[Aisling]: and I'm Aisling.

[Tara]: Our team met in 2018 while canvassing to Repeal the 8th Amendment. Since the campaign we saw how the story of Repeal was framed as  a 'quiet revolution' in the media.

[Aisling]: We disagree, and we're making this podcast to tell the real story of the 8th Amendment. We've spoken to campaigners and activists who opposed its introduction in 1983, all the way through to those who continue the fight for reproductive freedom in Ireland today.

[Tara]: This is the story of a grassroots movement.

[Woman 2]: It was no more a quiet revolution. We'd been screeching, and roaring, and shouting, and placarding, and you know being arrested and things. It was in no way quiet, it just happened to be not on their agenda.

[Aisling]: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @howtheYESwaswon for more updates. You can find us on iTunes or wherever you find podcasts. How The YES Was Won. A podcast about the 8th Amendment. Coming soon.